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We match your dreams with top universities worldwide, joining thousands who’ve found their academic and career paths abroad. We open doors to prestigious universities worldwide, empowering you to achieve your academic and career aspirations. Thousands have thrived, and yours is next.

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Why Choose CEA Overseas for Your Dream Education?

How do we help students?!

1. Counselling

Our counseling sessions will greatly assist you in making the optimal academic decision that aligns with your career aspirations.


  • – We offer career-oriented counseling
  • – We emphasize on futuristic courses and careers
  • – Our counseling sessions are interactive
  • – We invite university delegates to speak with you

2. Test Preparation

With the help of our skilled and committed tutors, you can easily achieve your desired test scores. Our tutors are certified and experienced, and they will help you prepare efficiently for your exams.


  • – Interactive classrooms and free demo sessions
  • – Study material that is easy to understand yet highly effective
  • – Tutorials and mock tests that are focused on improving scores

3. Course, Country & University Selection

We assist you in selecting the right course, university, and country that suits your career goals, education needs, and budget requirements.


  • – You can get help in making important decisions about your studies and career.
  • – We can help you compare different universities based on their rankings, available courses and scholarship opportunities.
  • – We can also provide you with information on over 750 universities across 31 countries, and the different courses they offer.

4. Application & Admission

Select the best courses and universities that suit your needs. Apply on time and wisely to receive admission offers quickly.


  • – We promise perfect applications and assured admissions
  • – We create high-quality Statements of Purpose, Letters of Recommendation, and Resumes
  • – You can track your application status (in real-time)
  • – We will ensure that your application reaches universities on time

5. Scholarships

Please keep in mind the following information. We provide fast service to help with visa applications. Our services include excellent guidance on visa documentation, and we have a high success rate for visas in all countries. We also offer practice sessions to help you prepare for the visa process.


  • – Get alerts on the latest and high-value scholarships
  • – Receive guidance on applying for scholarships
  • – Get assistance for scholarship essays

6. Internships

We understand that internships are crucial for your career growth, which is why our course suggestions include opportunities that come with internships..


  • – Look for programs with guaranteed internships
  • – Get help to understand paid and unpaid internships
  • – Know when you will be working and how much you will be paid

7. Education Loan

Getting a loan to pursue your studies at the university you always wanted to go to has become much simpler!


  • – You can get a study loan from 17+ banks and NBFCs
  • – We’ll help you choose a financial plan that’s right for your university
  • – The paperwork will be easy for you to do


8. Visa Processing

Our experts in visas can assist you in getting your visa approved with minimal delay by helping you with the preparation and presentation of your visa documents to Embassies and High Commissions.


  • – We offer flawless guidance on visa documentation.
  • – We have an excellent visa success rate for all countries.
  • – We provide mock visa interviews to help you prepare.

9. Allied Services

Our Allied Services are very vital in helping international students to have a successful study experience in foreign countries. We have made it easier for you by providing services like booking a place to stay, sending money back home, getting a loan for your studies, and exchanging currency to make transactions in foreign countries.


  • – Take advantage of exchange rates
  • – Get maximum cover with minimum premium
  • – Attend a pre-departure briefing